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Company account
Creating a company account
Creating a company account

This is how a company account is set up and a payment method is added.

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Companies that create an account with Hopp can pay for their employees' usage of Hopp during work hours and contribute to a greener footprint.

Setting up the account

Start by opening the Hopp App and logging in.

Next, open up the menu with the button in the lower-left corner of the screen and then select the Wallet in the Menu.

Select "Create" under Company accounts to create a new account.

Follow the simple tutorial that explains how company accounts function.

On the last page of the tutorial, select "Create a company account" and fill out all the information about the company you wish to create an account for.

Fill out company information

Fill out all the necessary information about the company.

Note that this can change the info later if needed.

  • Name - The company’s name

  • Email - The email address that will receive the invoices and updates

  • Business ID - The company's identification number from a national business registry

    • Needed in certain countries for invoices, such as Kennitala in Iceland.

  • Address - Legal Address of the company

  • Postal Code - The Postal Code of the Company's address

  • Invoice Info - Additional information will appear on the monthly summary and invoice.

    • Example: Info to indicate which department within the company

    • Example: VAT number, if needed, to show up on invoices.

Add more than one email by separating them with a semicolon (;)

After the company info has been filled out press "Next". Type in your (Account Manager's)name.

A company account has now been created successfully! 🎉

Adding payment method

The company account can't be used as a payment method by employees until a valid payment method (a company debit or credit card) has been added by a manager to activate it.

When adding a payment method, a process of verification will take place.

The card details used can be changed at any point after activation.

To complete this process, necessary permissions for the approval of 3D-secure protocol are needed.

After verifying the card the company account has now successfully been activated and members can be invited to start using it.

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