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Signing up and logging in
Signing up and logging in

These are instructions for setting up and logging in to Hopp. Create account using Apple ID, Google account or phone number.

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Creating your Hopp user account is quick and easy. You only need to have a smartphone with the Hopp app downloaded. Accounts can be created in three different ways:

  • Apple ID

  • Google account

  • Phone number


Logging in with Social accounts like Apple ID and Google Account was added in version 9.0.0 on January 29th, 2024.

If logging in using a social account login, linking accounts with the old user account might be required. Click the button to learn how to link accounts:

Overview and language

When you open up the Hopp app you are presented with the login screen.

Selecting a language

The Hopp app is available in several languages. Press the button in the top left corner to set the language for the app.


To create a Hopp user account, select a signup method. Choose from one of three methods to sign in. There is no need to worry about which method is chosen since you can always link the accounts afterward to keep all user data in one place.

Apple ID

Press "Continue with Apple" to log in using Apple ID.

Here, users can choose to hide or show their email accounts as part of Apple's privacy policy.

Google account

Press "Continue with Google" to sign in with using Google and select the Google account that will be logged in and associated with the Hopp account

Phone number

The old signup method. Select the area code add the phone number and wait for the 4-character long PIN number to be sent via text message.

If the message doesn't arrive, you can wait a couple of minutes for an automatic phone call that reads PIN out loud to arrive.


After signing up you are taken through a simple tutorial that explains how to use the service.

Accepting Terms and Privacy policy

At the end of the tutorial you accept the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

Users are unable to access the services without accepting these terms and policies.

Congratulations! You have now created your Hopp account πŸŽ‰

Logging in

These are instructions on how to log in to a previously created user account.

If you log out or get logged out of your account, you can simply log back in using one of the three login methods:

  • Apple ID

  • Google account

  • Phone number

Logging in uses the same process and signing up, except you are not required to go through the tutorial again.

If you log in using a previously unused login method, you might want to link the accounts together.

If you have issues logging in, reach out to support directly or send an email to [email protected].

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